Alexander Alexandrov on McKayla Maroney:

An interview with Alexander Alexandrov.

–Let’s now talk about Maria Paseka
Alexander Alexandrov: We wanted Masha Paseka to perform the Amanar vault and we knew that she could not help us anywhere else. We took her into the team and she fulfilled the expectations. Paseka came back with a medal, which was very pleasant and a great success. 
– I want to ask a question about the American gymnast [Maroney] who fell on vault, but still won silver. 
Alexander Alexandrov: You know, it’s all about psychology. Maroney was so much stronger than the rest on vault that no one could beat her and nobody thought she could make a mistake. Furthermore, according to the rules, she didn’t sit on the floor. She was deducted one point, that’s all. 
– Is nobody guilty in those decisions?
Alexander Alexandrov: I don’t think so. If we analyze this in depth, of course it’s possible to find errors. Any fall is due to something. Height might not have been sufficient; the rotation might not have been complete. But it was all psychological; the judges were stunned because they could have given her the gold medal with no competition. I don’t understand what was wrong with Маroney. She did everything in training and in warm-up.

Alexander Alexandrov:  “I came up up to her and said, ‘Well, it seems like you’re not very nervous at all and I’m surprised!’ and she (Aliya Mustafina) said, ‘Look at my hands, Alexander!’ and her hands were shaking. ‘Maybe I’m not showing that I’m nervous, but inside I have butterflies!”.